Week 1 (Aug. 26 - 30)

Read: Iron, Loadstones, and Terrestrial Magnetism (Chap. 1) and The Life and Death of a Magnet (Chap. 2)
Quiz: First day of class, so no quiz!

  1. Iron, loadstones and the Earth (Ex.1.1),
  2. Loadstone logic (Ex. 1.2*),
  3. Compass and Terrella (Ex. 2.1),
  4. Curie Temperature (Ex. 2.2*)

Magnetism Laboratory (Ex. 1.3). In this laboratory exercise, we will carry out qualitative and quantitative experiments involving loadstones, ceramic (ferrite) magnets, and rare earth (neodymium) magnets. In particular, we will (i) locate the north and south faces of a magnet by calibrating it against the earth, (ii) magnetize a bar of iron, (iii) measure the attractive force between magnets using a calibrated force sensor, and (iv) study how intervening materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum and iron affect the attractive force between magnets.

Zoom meeting of Friday, Nov. 3: Since Friday is a virtual day, we will have a zoom classroom meeting at 9am. Here are the details:

Meeting ID: 414 443 8850
Passcode: 4438850

Chapter 1 (5 videos):

Chapter 2 (4 videos):

Physics 2