Week 14

Read: Planetary motion (ASGv2 Chap. 26), Universal Gravitation (ASGv2 Chap. 27), Hypothesis and Natural Theology (ASGv2 Chap. 28).

Key topics: Kepler's laws of motion, Newton's universal law of gravitation, natural theology, scientific apologetics, and Newton's argument from design.
  1. Phases of the moon (Ex. 26.1),
  2. Phases of venus (Ex. 26.2),
  3. Acceleration and the force of gravity (Ex. 27.1),
  4. Meteor problem: A dangerous meteor flies past the Earth. It passes a distance of 5 earth radii from the surface of the earth. What is the acceleration of the meteor at this distance?
  5. Mass of Jupiter: Io, a small moon of Jupiter, has an orbital period of 1.77 days and an orbital radius of 4.22 x 10^5 km. From this data, determine the mass of Jupiter.
  6. Steel, silk and gravity (Ex. 27.3),
  7. PHY 201: Escape velocity (Ex. 27.5)

Lab: Centripetal Force Laboratory (Ex. 24.4). See laboratory videos below!

Centripetal Force Laboratory (4 videos)

Chapter 26 (4 videos)

Chapter 27 (6 videos)

Chapter 28 (1 video)

Physics 1